CubedMC Rules

It is your responsibility to know our server rules. If you feel as if you have been wrongly banned, or are deserving of an unban, you may appeal by creating a support ticket in the server discord.


      1.1 No griefing​
      Destroying or placing things at someone else's build without permission is not allowed.

      • We are strict on this rule. Players should be able return to CubedMC after months or even years and see their builds exactly how they were. All actions in CubedMC are logged with CoreProtect, allowing for grief to be easily identified and reversed. Unclaimed areas are frequently monitored.​ Grief is often reported by the same “inactive” player, if not reported by another good Samaritan player. Do not test your luck.

      1.2 No stealing​
      Taking items that belong to another player without permission is not allowed.

      • We are strict on this rule. See Rule 1.1.
      • Stealing is not allowed anywhere. This includes areas that may have been left unclaimed/unprotected by players.
      • Stealing is not allowed in any world. This includes resource worlds.

      1.3 No hermit crabbing
      A "hermit crab" is someone who begins living in a private home/area that they do not have permission to build in.

      • You are not allowed to begin living in the home of an inactive player, or move into a private town without an invitation from the town staff.

      1.4 Replant at public farms
      If you utilize a public farm, it is your responsibility to ensure that area is replanted fully.

      1.5 No obscene/inappropriate builds​

      • Maparts must follow all server rules regarding inappropriate or controversial content. A mapart may be removed if it has been determined that the image contains oversexualized content, depicts excessive violence or gore, or utilizes other controversial images or symbols.

      1.6 No defacing the main world​
      We are pretty lenient on what we consider "defacing." Player have mined entire large areas down to bedrock, and we have no issues with that. As long as what you are doing can be considered reasonable by any stretch, you are likely fine​.

      • Please be courteous by using the resource worlds for mass resource gathering.

      1.7 No player traps​
      PVP has been turned off entirely on CubedMC. There is no way to toggle this. Any attempt to intentionally kill another player is strictly not allowed.

      1.8 Be considerate with your farm's mob count and hopper/redstone usage
      Some entities in minecraft are very resource intensive. Staff may remove your build if it is significantly hindering server performance and the experience for other players, however this is exceedingly rare.


      2.1 No derogatory slurs or other language that is intended to be racist, sexist, or otherwise discriminatory.​

      2.2 No excessive swearing or inappropriate language.​

      • Do not use swear words, sexual language, or controversial innuendos in chat, nicknames, town/nation names, items, etc.
      • The use of swear words towards other players is not allowed.

      2.3 No harassing, bullying, or flaming other players.​
      This can also be other non-chat related incidents which drive players away from the community.

      2.4 No spamming​
      Do not spam, abuse game messages (such as logging in/out), or use excessive capital letters in chat.​

      • You are allowed to advertise things such as your town, nation, in-game shop, etc. However, posting several of these in a short time will be considered spam.

      2.5 Refrain from controversial topics.​
      As a fairly mature community we understand that many players will have strong beliefs on political, social, and religious issues. However, we do ask that you refrain from these topics as they often lead to heated arguments and have a negative effect towards the community itself.

      2.6 English only in global chat.​
      You may use other languages in private channels such as town chat, nation chat, etc.​

      2.7 No impersonating other players.​
      Do not impersonate other players through chat, /nick, account names, /suffix, etc.

      2.8 Do not reveal private/personal information of others without their permission.​

      • This pertains to information such as phone numbers, address, IP's, pictures, personal social media accounts, etc.


      3.1 Do not use unapproved mods/clients.

        • Minimaps - Player-tracking, mob-tracking or underground cave systems disabled.​
        • Optifine​
        • Shaders​
        • Inventory Tweaks​
        • Litematica (EZplace is also allowed)
        • Replay Mod
        • 5zig​
        • Raising gamma​

      3.2 Do not use XRAY resource packs.​

      3.3 No autoclickers, macros, or other programs/scripts​
      This includes actions that are indistinguishable from auto-clicker actions, such as leaving a rubber band around your mouse.

      3.4 No duping/exploiting bugs of any kind​
      Using duping or exploiting bugs is not allowed.​

  • 4. ECONOMY

      4.1 No Scamming​
      Failure to follow through on agreements/contracts is considered scamming. Misrepresenting an item is also considered scamming. (i.e. Saying that a player head was obtained from a specific player, when it was actually just someone else wearing their player skin)

      4.2 No reselling maparts​
      Unless you have express permission from the mapart creator, they are the only one who may sell the work.

      4.3 No circumventing player-warp bans.
      If you have been banned from a playerwarp, you are not allowed to circumvent this ban to gain access to the warp. This includes things like setting a /home within the warp, or attempting to /tpa to another player at the warp.


      5.1 No more than 2 alternate account​s
      This means you may not use more than a total of 3 accounts on the server.​

      5.2 Your account, your responsibility​
      It is your responsibility to ensure that anyone using your account follows the rules. Any punishment given for breaking the rules will stand regardless of who was reportedly playing at the time.​

      5.3 No using alternate account to bypass a ban


      6.1 Do not advertise other servers​
      We realize players don't spend every second in Minecraft playing CubedMC. Mentioning servers such as Hypixel, HiveMC and MinePlex is allowed, as long as it is not advertising them.​

      6.2 YouTube / Twitch Channels​
      You are allowed to talk and post about your YouTube / Twitch channels for any CubedMC related content, however it must not be spammed.​


      7.1 Town staff may kick residents if they have violated server and/or town rules.

      • Builds/items of banned player may become property of the town, so long as those builds/items are not relevant to the cause of the ban. Ask a server staff for assistance with clearing "[Private]" sign protections.
      • If a mayor/king is kicking a resident for any reason other than inactivity or breaking town/server rules, they must give the resident 1 weeks notice to allow them to gather property. Make sure to keep proof of notice.

      7.2 Mayors may kick inactive players after a minimum of 2 weeks.

      • Players can be removed from a town after 2 weeks of inactivity, however they are allowed an additional 2 weeks to get their belongings out. The town does not have to give back belongings to players if the player is inactive for at least 1 month or the player fails to retrieve their items in the allotted 2 weeks.

      7.3 If a mayor is inactive for a month, the town/kingdom can hold a vote for their next leader.

      7.4 Town staff may not take items or remove builds without the creator's permission.​

      • The only exception to this rule is if the player is inactive or has broken town/server rules and the town followed that process.

      7.5 If your town has a fee, you must tell the player before inviting them.

      • Before changing your town/kingdom tax, you must let all the residents know 1 week beforehand.

      7.6 Mayors may set their own town/kingdom rules.​

      • Must follow all other Server Rules.
      • Must have a physical copy of the rules.(i.e. Town Board, Written Book, etc.)
      • Alternative rules must be obviously conveyed to new town members.

      7.7 A mayor may be replaced by staff if they are repeat offenders of breaking our Towny rules.